Welcome to Meta Montessori House. Here at Meta Montessori House, we understand that every parent wants to give their child the best possible start in life and choosing the right preschool education is an important decision. From birth to the age of six a child’s mind is at its most versatile, absorbing and soaking up information from the surrounding world, at this early phase the habits of a lifetime are formed. The importance of a stimulating and nurturing environment at this stage of early development cannot be overstated, and at Meta Montessori House, we strive to provide your child every advantage in life.

Our AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) qualified teachers are trained in the world renowned educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori which emphasizes a holistic approach to learning fostering creativity and self-discovery. Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step at Meta Montessori House we are aware of the great trust placed in us by parents and aim to set your child on the right path towards a lifelong love of learning and discovery.

At Meta Montessori House we provide The Primary Montessori for children 30 months to six years old. We offer a full day curriculum 8:30am to 5:00pm, five days a week, including summer months.

The ideal age for entry is 30 months ( As long as the child will turn 3 years old by the end of the year he/she enters). There will be limited spaces available, however we welcome applications for the subsequent year.

The wonder and splendor of the butterfly’s wings have always captured the imagination of people the world over. But these striking patterns are not formed by chance but during the most sensitive period of the creature’s life. It is in the safe and nurturing environment of the chrysalis where an incredible metamorphosis takes place. The tiny caterpillar becomes a beautiful majestic butterfly. Similarly for children it is the stage from birth to the age of six that the seeds are sown which will allow them to blossom into successful and well-adjusted adults. At Meta Montessori House, we understand the responsibility and trust placed in us and aim to provide this safe and nurturing environment for the metamorphosis of young minds beginning their lifelong journey of learning.

Montessori Education

Children are natural born explorers and it is through harnessing this innate inquisitiveness that Montessori education encourages a child’s intellectual development. Our classroom at Meta Montessori has been carefully designed to capture your child’s imagination and build upon that unquenchable thirst for knowledge of early life. In accordance with the Montessori philosophy, through the use of purposeful activities and educational materials our trained directress (teacher) guides children on a program of self-discovery rather than the traditional approach of rote learning by direct instruction. Through this medium children learn the important life skills of self-direction, self-discipline and concentration. The goal of our educational program is to mold an enquiring mind with a lifelong love of learning.

Here at Meta Montessori House, we take a holistic view of education where children are challenged not just intellectually but in all aspects of their development as a person, the aim being to nurture the growth of adjusted, well balanced and responsible individuals. Dr. Montessori discovered that in early life children go through phases which she termed “Sensitive Periods” where a child’s natural learning capabilities are at their greatest. The Montessori directress is trained to identify these moments and harness the child’s universal “Human Tendencies” and act as a guide and mentor in the child’s journey of self-discovery and learning. Children learn best when they are free to progress at their own pace, according to their own set of interests and by engaging them creatively as well as intellectually. This is the philosophy we follow at Meta Montessori House.


Learning through the senses and the progression from the concrete material world to higher realms of abstraction are the guiding principles of Montessori education. Our classroom at Meta Montessori House has been designed to provide children with the opportunity to experience the delight which comes from the self-discovery of the natural order of the world around us. Through the use of scientifically designed materials children are encouraged to explore through manipulation, repetition and pattern recognition. The classroom itself is divided into five areas designed to nurture a well-rounded individual: Practical Life, with activities aimed at developing motor skills, a cognitive sense of order, self-care and respect for the environment. The Sensorial Area which refines a child’s ability to categorize, distinguish and order through sensory input. The Language Area which covers spoken language, written expression and reading. The Math Area which entices a child towards a deeper understanding of quantity, symbolic representation, sequences and logical operations through manipulation and self-discovery. Finally all of these areas are further enhanced in the Cultural Extensions area through botany, biology, zoology, history, geography, music and art with a view to exposing the child to richness of the world around us.